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American Legion Auxiliary Unit 77

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 77 - Houston, TX

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 77 Houston, Texas

As a women's patriotic service organization serving the Houston, Texas area, Auxiliary Unit 77 stands an integral sister organization to American Legion Post 77. In doing so, you will find much of the Unit 77 information provided within this site has been seemlessly integrated with the Post 77 information.

Think about the last time you received what you needed when you needed it. Did you call it a gift or even a miracle? In the American Legion Auxiliary that "need meeting-gift giving" happens continuously. And it's possible because as the largest women's patriotic service organization in the world our membership of more than 850,000 strong is fiercely dedicated to serving, helping, and meeting needs. Our focus is what it's always been: servicemembers, veterans and their families in their communities. And our members produce annual statistics in the millions.

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