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American Legion Post 77 and Auxiliary Unit 77 - Deceased Members

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In Memory of our 2013 AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 Deceased Members

  • Bud E. Baumgardner, Jr.
  • Michael L. Cook
  • Edgar L. Dean, Jr.
  • Larry W. Gaston
  • Julie A. Grant
  • B. N. Hanna
  • May L. Kretzschmar
  • Dale Lias, Jr.
  • Joe Muller
  • Earle N. Stolwacke
  • William T. Williams

In Memory of our 2012 AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 Deceased Members

  • Edwin Arnold, Jr.
  • James C. Burtner
  • E.W. "Bill" Dechman, Jr (*Donation)
  • Howard W. Dellinger
  • Flloyd Duke
  • Oscar E. Einkauf, Jr.
  • John A. Goff
  • Lamar H. Good
  • Burnist B. Graham
  • M.S. Haenchen
  • John H. Hefner
  • Emmett S. Huff
  • Vova Karnauch
  • Foss R. McCracken
  • Donald S. McNaughten
  • Jack N. Neale
  • Robert F. Paxton
  • Gordon R. Powell
  • Dorothy Reeves (Unit 77 - PUFL)
  • Monroe Ritter
  • Tomas R. Roduta
  • Arthur A. Schiel
  • Charles F. Schultz
  • Eric A. Solomos
  • Arthur L. Storey, Jr.
  • Patty Walters (Unit 77 - PUFL)
  • Charles M. White
  • Benny N. Williams
  • Jack J. Williams


A special thank you is extended to the Dechman family for the donation of the original American Legion Post 77 post home stain glass. This donation was made in honor of E.W."Bill" Dechman, Sr. (1902 - 1984), E.W. "Bill" Dechman, Jr,(1924- 2012) and Jimmie Neil Dechman (1928-2004)
The Dechman Family were longtime members of the American Legion. E.W. "Bill" Dechman, Sr. served in numerous capacities for the American Legion including Commander of the Post and Grand Chef de Gare of the Grand Voiture of the 40 and 8. He was instrumental in procuring the building located on 3 lots at Kelvin Drive and Times Boulevard in Houston, Texas in 1945. This building was the center of the Dechman family's social activities for many years.

When the building was torn down, E.W. "Bill" Dechman, Jr., American Legion member for 68 years, "saved" the stain glass for posterity.

In Memory of our 2011 AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 Deceased Members

  • William Avery
  • Stephen H. Buckley
  • Colleen Clifford (Unit 77)
  • David A. Copeland
  • Jospeh R. Easley
  • John Erwin
  • Cleetus Goss
  • Richard L. Harris
  • Henry P. Judah, Jr.
  • Chester E. Lonsford
  • Arthur R. Marshall
  • Don F. O'Keeffe
  • William T. Price, Jr.
  • Arthur A. Schiel
  • Charles F. Schultz
  • James T. Smith
  • George F. Thompson
  • Patty Walters (Past ALA Unit 77 President)
  • Lucinan C. Williams

In Memory of our 2010 AL Post 77 and ALA Unit 77 Deceased Members

  • Dr. Asa W. Adkins
  • Walter C. Biddle
  • James F. Bledsoe
  • Joseph Borden
  • Walter W. Caldwell
  • Harvey Drexler
  • Alcuin Greenburg
  • James K. Henderson
  • Annie Lee (Unit 77 - PUFL)
  • Joe M. Mays
  • Henry McCleary
  • Quentin R. Mease
  • Gary G. Newman
  • Richard D. Oliver
  • Lee A. Poteet
  • Kenneth W. Root, Sr.
  • John M. Shelander
  • Jerome A. Spacek
  • Johnnie V. Stone
  • Charles Tiller, Sr
  • Frederick I. Villamayor
  • James L. Viney
  • William D. Webster
  • Abraham Zermeno